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Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that gets a bad rap in our society.

Different Kinds of Anger

Hidden Anger:
Occurs even when the person does not feel angry. They avoid anger at all cost, not only their anger but the anger of others. They find other ways of expressing feelings that is more subtle and often more dangerous to themselves and those around them.

Exploding Anger
Quick and powerful explosion of anger that result in a "loss of control" and often appear out of nowhere.

Addicted Anger
People can be addicted to the rush of anger.

Controlling Anger
The goal of this anger is to keep other people under control and "teach" them not to try and mess with the client.

Holding Anger
Retaining the anger in the form of resentment and hatred that lasts for long periods of time resulting in destruction for the client and loved ones.

The same anger that may help somebody cope and survive may result in problems and destruction to someone else.

While anger is a healthy emotion if balanced and appropriately expressed, it can also be a destructive force that takes over a persons life and affect socially, psychologically and physically.

Through counseling, people come to learn about their anger, the ways it has helped and hurt them, and create new ways to experience and express anger.

Anger Management involves classes designed to assist the client review their own style of anger, the benefit it has served them and the harm it has caused. The client is then assisted in learning new ways of identifying and expressing anger.

Anger Management is designed for people that experience negative reactions to their anger style but continue the self destructive style and expression of anger.

Anger is not Domestic Violence.

While Anger may be a factor in Domestic Violence, it is often not the key component. A client that experiences anger and reacts physically on their spouse or loved ones are encouraged to take a Domestic Violence class to focus on issues of power and control. Anger Management is for individuals that experience the self defeating anger reaction in various setting outside of the home.

Word of Caution

When choosing a counselor for Anger Management, be sure to choose somebody with appropriate credentials (LCPC, LCSW, LMFT, Licensed Psy.D). This field is not legally regulated and so there are many un-credentialed or under-credentialed "professional" offering this service.

2004 Anger Management Class

Counseling Class Fee: $230 for 7 Sessions.

Many of the individuals in need of the Anger Management class do not require therapy. Call (773) 750-9773 for mor information or to register for class.

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