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The Behavior and Mood Clinic
1116 N. Kedzie, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60651
Phone (773) 750-9773
Fax (773) 777-3637

Social Service Consultation


Dealing wiith a unique client issue, introducing your staff to a new model, clinical supervisor on vacation... Supervision is typically 4 hours monthly, weekly or every other week. Allow staff the opportunity to learn as they work with clients.


Trainings are available for staff or management on clinical issues (substance abuse and mental health) from the basic to the advanced. Some examples of topics include:

*Personality Disorders
*Case Managment with Substance Abusers
*Working with the Mentally Ill
*Stress Management in the Real World
*Counseling and Therapy Approaches to various client demographics with various issues.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Let my experience and education in COA, JCAHO, Record Utilization, Program Utilization, Satisfaction Survey Systems, and Outcomes Reporting work for you.

Typically by working as a consultant, I can come to your agency and assist in the creation and maintance of a CQI system as complicated or basic as you desire. A functional outcomes systems allows you and your agency to position itself in the pursuit of new funding or retaining current funding. Costs Starting as low as $50 Hourly!

Find out what you are doing well and what can be improved on, giving you that competitive edge.

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